Lyric l - ever (after)

Millions of visitors to Graceland pass by the staircase to the 2nd floor during their tour of the mansion. Everyone sees the guard posted at the bottom of the stairs, another guard is posted at the top of the stairs as a sentinel, barricading the ominous locked door.

He was born on 8 December 65 BC [nb 4] in the Samnite south of Italy . [5] His home town, Venusia , lay on a trade route in the border region between Apulia and Lucania ( Basilicata ). Various Italic dialects were spoken in the area and this perhaps enriched his feeling for language. He could have been familiar with Greek words even as a young boy and later he poked fun at the jargon of mixed Greek and Oscan spoken in neighbouring Canusium . [6] Literary Latin must have sounded to him like a semi-foreign language, heard only at school. [7] One of the works he probably studied in school was the Odyssia of Livius Andronicus , crammed into Italian boys with threats and floggings by teachers like the ' Orbilius ' mentioned in one of his poems. [8] School was made particularly irksome by a number of his fellow pupils, the overgrown sons of beefy centurions. [9] The army veterans could have been settled there at the expense of local families uprooted by Rome as punishment for their part in the Social War (91–88 BC) . [10] Such state-sponsored migration must have added still more linguistic variety to the area. According to a local tradition reported by Horace, [11] a colony of Romans or Latins had been installed in Venusia after the Samnites had been driven out early in the third century. In that case, young Horace could have felt himself to be a Roman [12] [13] though there are also indications that he regarded himself as a Samnite or Sabellus by birth. [14] [15] Italians in modern and ancient times have always been devoted to their home towns, even after success in the wider world, and Horace was no different. Images of his childhood setting and references to it are found throughout his poems. [16]

Yellowcard, thanks for giving me hope when everything falls apart. For giving me the biggest adventure of my life. Thanks for Telescope, Lift A Sail and The Hurt Is Gone. Thank you for everything.
I miss you so much and it still hurts like hell, but I know everything will be alright.
“So take hold of me and hang on ‘till the hurt is gone”

Lyric L - Ever (After)Lyric L - Ever (After)Lyric L - Ever (After)Lyric L - Ever (After)